Hello there!

My name is Panshak Solomon.
I started in the tech industry  as a graphic designer and as the tech ecosystem keep evolving, so has my skill sets. I’ve been honored to partner with some of the most innovation-driven entrepreneurs across a wide spectrum of businesses and industries; from law firms to hotels, from agriculture to ICT, NGOs and religious organizations. I strive to exceed the customer’s expectations in whatever project I am working on, and this has meant that a vast majority of my clients come from recommendation through word of mouth. Regardless of whether you are a big brand, a small brand or an individual, my approach to handling any project is always the same. I believe that businesses (big or small) should be provided with equal opportunity for growth.

I like to handle every aspect of a project, that way, I can approach any job with a multifaceted, multi-disciplinary and integrative perspective. This approach has been especially useful when working with startups and SMEs as this will enable me to help them achieve their business goals and to help build their vision of having a strong online presence from start to finish, and on a very personal level.
Are you a big brand, a small organization or just a friend in the league? Look no further, I’ve worked with clients as far as San Francisco in the United States. I am willing to take on any project that excites me and location is not a barrier. 

If you have a project or just want to say hi, just drop me a line and I will get back to you as soon as possible.